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EIS is a debut product of Jg EduSys in association with Sri JNV Education Foundation carring the vision to server the Education system and to enhance it with Touch of advanced Innovative technology & Creative methodology.

The idea behind with Educational Intelligence system sprang from the desire to build innovative, scalable, and highly customizable software for schools. Jg EduSys founders sat down to solve the problem with an entirely fresh approach and business model.

Our inventive team of people with many different talents, perspectives, and backgrounds united to make these big ideas work. We began building a comprehensive platform one that would be available in all languages to all schools regardless of budget constraints or location; one that would integrate various features into one experience; one featuring such an elegant and intuitive design that it could be used by anyone. So that students worldwide could have equal opportunities and we plan to upgrade our software with new modules and features regularly.

We invite all organizations with educational programs to try Jg EduSys EIS product and send us feedback as we work tirelessly to accommodate the diverse requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers.